A Hat in Time at PAX EAST 2014 @ INDIE MEGABOOTH



A Hat in Time will be present at this year’s PAX EAST 2014 at the Indie Megabooth! This will be the first convention we showcase the game at, and our first convention under the banner of Gears for Breakfast!

We will be showcasing a build of the game that has the co-op mode set up! Make sure to stop by!!

PAX East 2014 is from April 11th to April 13th

A Hat in Time – Alpha Release on Feb 20th!

Hat Kid hiding under a Piano in Vanessa Manor

In just a week, the A Hat in Time Alpha build will be made available! Woo!! We’re very excited to share some of our progress with you all!

You can get access to the Alpha Build by preordering over here!

In addition, we’ve made a page with all the details regarding the Alpha Build here!

Alpha Release Schedule

Happy Holidays from Everyone at Gears for Breakfast!


Hello! This is Jonas from Gears for Breakfast.

First of all, everyone on the Gears for Breakfast team would like to wish you all happy holidays! To celebrate, we are announcing the details of the “Hat in Time – Alpha Release” to our Kickstarter backers and all the people who pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of the game on our website.

We have created a page with all the alpha details here!

We’re excited to finally share an early playable build of the game with you all and look forward to receiving your feedback. As a reminder, it’s not too late to gain access to the alpha build by pre-ordering the game here!

Steam Workshop and Editor

I’ve been working on a Steam Workshop implementation for A Hat in Time. Steam Workshop is a platform that allows users to share user-created content.
In this video, I created a part of Gremlins 2 (NES). We’re excited for the potential upcoming user-created content!

We will also be making public our plans for the alpha build later this month.

Queen Vanessa teaser (Happy Halloween!)

‘Queen Vanessa’ is one of many levels in A Hat in Time’s many chapters! Hope you all enjoy this little Halloween-themed teaser we put up :D