Hat Kid!

The cutest 3D platformer ever!

A Hat in Time is developed by Gears for Breakfast and has become the largest Kickstarter-funded indie 3D platformer, reaching almost 1000% of its original Kickstarter goal!

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Super Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Psychonauts! These kind of 3D platformers are no longer made, but people still want to play them! A Hat in Time brings that joy back!


Explore 5 massive worlds!

Chapter 1

Mafia Town

Sneak peek
Chapter 3

Subcon Forest

Sneak peek
Chapter 2

Battle of the Birds

Sneak peek
Chapter 4

Alpine Skyline

... and many more!

2 additional worlds will arrive later as free DLC (Kickstarter stretch goal)!

Hat Kid!
Giant, open worlds!

Explore some of the largest levels you've seen in a 3D platformer!

Every corner filled with content, there's always something new to explore!

Co-Operative Play!

Arriving post-release!

Ever wanted to have your friend or sibling join you in your 3D adventure? Now you can!

The game allows for local split-screen co-op (all platforms), and online co-op (PC)!

Powerful Upgrades!

Collect badges that give you new abilities!

Find rare items that provide an all new arsenal!

As a space traveller, Hat Kid doesn't understand this earth much! Collect foreign objects to examine how this planet's inhabitants live!

Beat challenge levels to unlock rare loot!

Modding Support!

Browse the Steam Workshop to find all new challenge levels, new open worlds and other game modifications!

Create and share your own user-generated content!

You'll never run out of content to explore!

The game also has controller support!

Need help? We have a help portal that can assist you!