22/02/2014 Alpha Update 1

This is an update for A Hat in Time – Alpha Build and will go live later today on Steam.
The update includes the following changes:

  • An ingame per-level speedrunning timer has been added that ignores loading times and intro sections [Ticket]
  • Added camera invert options for keyboard and controller [Ticket]
  • Added controller rumble toggle [Ticket]
  • Fixed players dying when flashing The Snatcher in Queen Vanessa Manor [Ticket]
  • Fixed rendering issues underwater
  • Added underwater music to Mafia Town
  • Added a button prompt on how to dive when first entering water
  • Fixed rendering bug in cinematic on 2nd floor Queen Vanessa Manor

When enabled, the speedrunning timer will output “Speedrun Time for map ‘levelname': leveltime” to Launch.log. In addition, it can be enabled to render on-screen.
As mentioned in the ticket, this implementation is not as good as I want it to be, ideally it should provide at minimum just as much support as 3rd party tools. However, as I imagine not a lot of people will be speedrunning the game until beta / final release, we have chosen to polish this implementation at a later date.

In addition, we are aware of the issues with launching on Mac OSX, and we are currently investigating. Please subscribe to this ticket to get updated when it has been resolved.

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