08/03/2014 Alpha Update 4

This is an update for A Hat in Time – Alpha Build and will go live later today on Steam.
The update includes the following changes:


  • Fixed a glitch allowing infinite wall jump
  • Added Bokeh depth of field
  • Added depth of field and advanced depth of field options to settings
  • Settings with multiple values now require you to confirm (apply) the changes [Ticket]

Mafia Town

  • Fixed a bug where the “Watch Out!” message during miniboss would disappear too quickly
  • Fixed a bug where you could destroy Mafia in an unintended order during the miniboss

Queen Vanessa Manor

  • Added a sound cue when keys are picked up

As always, you can report bugs and suggest ideas on our Community Feedback Tracker! You can get access to the alpha build over on our preorder page!

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  • Posted March 8, 2014 at 11:05 pm | Permalink

    The addition of confirmation for video settings are awesome. It works amazingly!

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