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Mod and Steam Workshop Support

Hi everyone! We’re happy to say that we’ve implemented mod support, and Steam Workshop support into A Hat in Time. This feature will be available at launch. A lot of us working at Gears for Breakfast are modders by heart, and we know the community’s desire to express itself through games. As A Hat in Time is […]

Interview with A Hat in Time’s composer

A Hat in Time’s composer, Pascal Michael Stiefel, did a two-part interview over at Kotaku, please check it out! Part 1: A Timeless Chat with the Man Behind A Hat in Time’s Amazing Score Part 2: A Timeless Conclusion With the Man Behind A Hat in Time’s Amazing Score

Design Choice: Badges

Hey everyone! This is Jonas from Gears for Breakfast, I’m the game’s sole designer and programmer. Today I want to share one of my many design choices on A Hat in Time; as a result I may bring in examples from other games, and point out things I consider design flaws. This doesn’t necessarily mean that […]

A Hat in Time – Alpha Release on Feb 20th!

In just a week, the A Hat in Time Alpha build will be made available! Woo!! We’re very excited to share some of our progress with you all! You can get access to the Alpha Build by preordering over here! In addition, we’ve made a page with all the details regarding the Alpha Build here!

Queen Vanessa teaser (Happy Halloween!)

‘Queen Vanessa’ is one of many levels in A Hat in Time’s many chapters! Hope you all enjoy this little Halloween-themed teaser we put up 😀