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Screenshots from the Spaceship HUB!

Here’s some of our progress from our work on the HUB! We’ve been showing these of the last few weeks on Facebook and Twitter!  Enjoy!! 😀

What IS a Subcon Forest?

Hello hello! This month we are focusing on getting the Subcon Forest up to the scale and performance that we want! If you have been following us closely, you can see that the Subcon Forest has changed drastically! Oh my!   The Subcon Forest is the second chapter of A Hat in Time, and quite […]

Rainy Mafia Town

Levels change as you progress through the game, and so does the mood of said levels. We decided to do this, because we believe that showing Mafia Town from more angles gives it more depth, makes it more “real” and relatable. The rain effect is fairly optimized, and if you can run Mafia Town at […]

Chapter 3 “Trainwreck of Science” screenshots!

Hey everyone! As we mentioned in our last blog post, we’ve begun work on Chapter 3 – Trainwreck of Science! We decided it was time to show a few screenshots and talk a little bit about them to provide some insight! In the above screenshot, we have Hat Kid talking to a Conductor on the […]

Chapter 3 content creation begun!

  We at Gears for Breakfast have just opened up our Trainwreck of Science month! We’re working on creating act 1 & 2 of Chapter 3, which features the Science Express, a deluxe train run by the Science Owls! But as you would expect, nothing remains peaceful for long…! The entire chapter will feature a […]