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This blog is an archive!

Hello! This blog has been archived, as we’ve updated our main website! Please enjoy these archived blog posts we’ve presented throughout development! We’re working towards the final release of the game! If you want to see weekly updates, check out our Twitter and Facebook!

Adding support for your own GamePad to A Hat in Time Beta Build

For A Hat in Time, we’ve added support for the gamepads we have available (Xbox 360, Xbox One, GameCube (w/ Raphnet adapter), Dual Shock 4, Logitech F710,¬†SNES¬†(w/ RetroLink)). If you’re using a different controller, the game won’t recognize it, but you can add support for it manually fairly easy. This is a guide on how […]

Beta Build Purchase

A Hat in Time’s Beta Build released March 7th for backers and slacker-backers. The option to become a slacker-backer will become available at our preorder page on Monday, March 9th!

A Hat in Time Beta Build – Available March 7th!

The Beta Build of A Hat in Time is set to release March 7th for backers and slacker-backers with the Beta tier. If you already have Alpha access, your Alpha game will automatically update to the Beta build on the 7th! Click here for the full announcement!

Alpha Release Schedule

Happy Holidays from Everyone at Gears for Breakfast! Hello! This is Jonas from Gears for Breakfast. First of all, everyone on the Gears for Breakfast team would like to wish you all happy holidays! To celebrate, we are announcing the details of the “Hat in Time – Alpha Release” to our Kickstarter backers and all […]