A Hat in Time is a 3D, Collect-a-Thon, Platformer being developed by Gears for Breakfast, an up and coming indie team consisting of various members from across the globe.

Inspired by classic games like Mario Sunshine and Psychonauts, we hope to bring back the magic of a lost genre that was adored by gamers.

You play as Hat Kid, a time traveller who is collecting the “Time Pieces” around the universe to stop the mischievous Mustache Girl who seeks to use them for evil purposes.


Traverse unique environments such as at the opressed Mafia Town which is run by the Mafia of Cooks and their vile Mafia Boss or travel deep into the dark Subcon Forest where unusual Forest Dwellers can be found.

Meet with a range of exciting characters and interact with the likes of Thor the Inventor and Tim the CEO of Time.

mafia_2  forest3


Find hidden quests that will offer fresh challenges and test new and old players alike!
Collect orbs and spend them on unique items to improve Hat Kids appearance!

space_03  cave


Fight your way through various obstacles using Hat Kids trusty umbrella!
Defeat bosses using a variety of attacks such as the always useful “jumping on the head” tactic!

combat  The Mafia HQ


Earn abilities, powers and even new hats to enhance Hat Kids arsenal!
Equip a variety of badges with unique powers to suit your playstyle!

upgrade2  upgrades

Co-operative Play

Play with your friends or loved ones either online or in the same room using the exciting cooperative mode!
Compete in races against your partner  to see who is the fastest player!

coop coop2


Enjoy stunning 3D visuals powered by the Unreal Engine!

Hat Kid hiding under a Piano in Vanessa Manor  A Terrified Hat Kid and Mafia


Main Soundtrack composed by our talented team member, Pascal Michael Stiefel!
Features music tracks by Grant Kirkhope, composer of such classics like Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64.


What platforms will this be released on?

Currently the game will be released on PC (Windows) and Mac only.

What about Wii U, PS4 and Xbox One?

As it currently stands we’re still looking at that option but our main focus is finishing the game on PC (Windows) and Mac first.