Gears for Breakfast

Jonas Kaerlev – Director, Programmer, Writer, Shader Artist, Special Effects Artist, Level Designer

William T. Nicholls – 3D Environment Art Director, Level Designer

Vince Vazquez – 3D Artist

Dan ‘Tsukasa’ Elvins – 3D Environment Artist

Peter Valencia – 3D Artist

Luigi Lucarelli – Concept Artist

Pascal Michael Stiefel – Composer

Shane Frost – Concept Artist

Cameron Turner – 3D Animations

Martin Ellis – 3D Animations

Jenna Brown – 2D Artist

Sieger Vink – 2D Artist

Voice Acting

Kyle Johnson – Voice of Mafia of Cooks

Apphia Yu – Voice of Hat Kids

Chris Niosi – Casting/Voice Director

Eileen Montgomery – Voice of Mustache Girl, Queen Vanessa

Jon Jafari – Voice of Moon Penguins

Caitlyn Bairstow – Voice of Mafia Robots

SungWon Cho – Voice of Spaceship Intercom

John Mondelli – Voice of Mafia Boss

Josh Tomar – Voice of Tourist

Francine Louise – Voice of Train

Mick Lauer – Voice of misc Subcon creature

Chris Zambelis – Voice of Sandworm


Special thanks to

Greg Cooper

Trey Brown

David D’Angelo

Mathias Kærlev

Grant Kirkhope (Guest Composer)

Kane Wright

Jayden Beveridge

Florian Popl (Guest Remixer)

Carlos Eiene (Guest Remixer)

Jayvee D. Enaguas – Curse Casual Font (License)


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