Preorder the Game!

Do it for her!
Slacker backer! Even if you missed the Kickstarter, you can now receive a copy of the game when it’s ready! You can also get access to the Beta build before the game releases!
Please note that this is through Steam, we will let you know if we are able to support more services!






Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I backed the Kickstarter, will I receive the Beta Build?

When you backed the Kickstarter, you received a confirmation email – check it! Compare the listed reward in the email to the reward list on the Kickstarter. If your reward is after or at the $40 rewards, then you will receive the beta! The rewards below $40 are unfortunately not part of the beta program.

Why is the Beta priced as it is?

The Beta build is priced according to our Kickstarter! It wouldn’t be fair to our lovely backers to reduce the price after the Kickstarter, so we’ve kept the price accordingly.

If the Beta is delivered through Steam, does that mean Hat in Time will be on Steam Early Access?

We have no plans to utilize Steam Early Access for the time being.

I haven’t preordered, but I still want to be part of Beta – What do?

Consider purchasing the Deluxe Edition! Or alternatively, purchase the Standard Edition first, and then purchase the Upgrade straight after.

Will my computer be able to run the Beta?

We make no guarantee that the Beta Build will be able to run on all computers! It is fairly unoptimized (as are most games in early development) and may run slow depending on hardware. As A Hat in Time is made using Unreal Engine 3, we recommend seeing if you can run Unreal Tournament 3 – if your computer meets the requirements for Unreal Tournament 3, you should be good to go!

I accidentally purchased the upgrade without owning the standard game!

Fear not! Your full amount will be refunded – please give the system a week to perform the automatic refund.

Is there a way to get a physical copy?

We do not currently sell any physical copies – we will announce if we can make physical copies available!

I was part of Alpha, but I didn’t get a Beta key!

Your Alpha Build will automatically update to the Beta Build!

I want to get the game on console – What do?

A Hat in Time is only confirmed for Windows and Mac for the time being! We are actively working towards a Wii U console release, but we can’t make any promises in that regard. We will absolutely make an announcement the moment we are able to secure a console release.

If we are able to secure a console release, and you have purchased the game for PC and want to switch, we’ll do our best to make a switch option available, although we cannot make any promises before we know how console code distribution works specifically for target consoles.