Queen Vanessa teaser (Happy Halloween!)

‘Queen Vanessa’ is one of many levels in A Hat in Time’s many chapters! Hope you all enjoy this little Halloween-themed teaser we put up 😀

What IS a Subcon Forest?

Hello hello! This month we are focusing on getting the Subcon Forest up to the scale and performance that we want! If you have been following us closely, you can see that the Subcon Forest has changed drastically! Oh my!   The Subcon Forest is the second chapter of A Hat in Time, and quite […]

We got Greenlit!

Thank you so much everyone for supporting us on Steam Greenlight! It’s been incredible to just hear all the support from everyone, and we’re working our butts off not to disappoint! We hope you all enjoy this little sneak peek of Queen Vanessa from Chapter 2 as well! 😀 And remember, you can still preorder […]

Queen Vanessa month + Alpha/Beta info

Hello hello! This is our first month working after the Kickstarter, and we’re calling it Queen Vanessa month! But who’s the Queen? Ack, we can’t spoil yet! Rest assured you’ll be experiencing a change in gameplay with her involved, though!! Beta/Alpha info The question we’re asked the most is: when is beta/alpha available? The Beta will […]