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101 votes

Pillow Pool Music

Under Consideration Posted by BantamSam |Comments: 4 | Last reply 2 years ago by Flotilla
93 votes

A way to keep the rain coat or other unlocked clothing in all levels

Under Consideration Posted by DanielCNR |Comments: 12 | Last reply 5 months ago by JGamez
86 votes

Use the B button on Xbox controllers to back/quit menus

Completed Posted by Robert Chisholm |Comments: 12 | Last reply 2 years ago by Jonas GFB
82 votes

Make Mafia town act 3 more interesting.

Planned Posted by Chip |Comments: 11 | Last reply 1 year ago by Soto
65 votes

Menus should be completely navigatable by mouse

Under Consideration Posted by Dustin Jethro |Comments: 6 | Last reply 2 years ago by oceanslost
60 votes

Add some reverb to Hat Kid's voice in the Dream Levels

Under Consideration Posted by Matt Trucks |Comments: 0 | Last reply 2 years ago by Matt Trucks
59 votes

Beating dev time.

Under Consideration Posted by Wouter Dekker |Comments: 8 | Last reply 1 year ago by Ryutim
57 votes

Have the world frozen when interacting with NPC characters.

Completed Posted by Tony McLean |Comments: 6 | Last reply 11 months ago by Aaron H